Graphics Display Designer

Graphics Display Designer

Quick and easy way of creating graphical user interface (GUI)
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  • How should Microchip Graphics Library be configured?
    Since the process is rather complicated, I recommend downloading the available PDF file to see exactly how the library can be configured for this process. Access the following link and download the PDF file: If you don't have a compatible PDF reader, then simply follow the next link to install one:


The Graphics Display Designer (GDD) is an MPLAB IDE plug-in that provides you with a quick and easy way of creating graphical user interface (GUI) screens for embedded applications on Microchip microcontrollers.

The GDD is a visual design tool created for use with the Microchip Graphics Library. GDD is a time saving tool. End users are still required to learn how to use the Microchip Graphics Library to fully create an end application.

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